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40 years at the big airplane company, new distillery in Seattle.

As a reward for lasting 40 years at the big airplane company, I was given a few treats to enjoy. First was a bottle of Elijah Craig Bourbon. Next was something I found on sale at my local grocery store, Tincup whiskey. And third was the oak finished single malt from Westland. I really enjoyed the Westland, the new oak used to age this single malt gives it a nice fruity touch with a hint of cocoa. The finish is caramel forward and a pleasant burn. One review says is has a smoky hint like some Scotch whisky’s, I didn’t find this. Tincup whiskey is right down the middle of American made whiskeys. It is corn heavy giving it a sweet flavor and has rye to give it some strength. A splash of water added to Tincup really opens up some the flavors, especially a sweet peppery finish. Plus it comes with a cool stainless steel shot glass. The Elijah Craig small batch bourbon hits it’s target right on nose. It has the classic sweet corn start with a wheat and rye finish. When it comes to a national brand, not many are better than this.

In distillery news, Sound Spirits of Seattle was sold and is now known as Fast Penny Spirits. Their current lineup of products are 2 types of Amari, Amaricano and Amaricano Bianca.

Also, distilleries in Washington can now sell mixed drink cocktails. Those that have bars have started serving, more will be adding space to serve cocktails in the near future.

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit many of our local craft distilleries pretty hard. Consider support our home made products the next time you are making a purchase. Keeping our home state distilleries healthy means out state is healthy.

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