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A trip to Montana and distilleries in between.

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Took a recent road trip to Glacier National Park and took advantage of the trip to visit some distilleries on the way. My original plan was for 7 but made it to 6.

Stop number 1 was the Dry Fly Distillery in Spokane. I will do a more detailed report on Dry Fly later. Tried a flight of 3 of their products, their Bourbon 101, Port finish wheat whiskey and Cask strength wheat whiskey. All were good but my purchase was a bottle of their outstanding Triticale whiskey. Had it before and it was much cheaper at the distillery instead of Total Wine.

The next day was a drive to Missoula. There are 3 distilleries in Missoula, all within blocks of each other. The first stop was the Rattlesnake Creek Distillers. I tried 3 items, Hogan’s Hooch light whiskey, Rattlesnake Reserve Malt whiskey and Saddle Bronc Bourbon. The light and malt whiskey had a strong kick, both could use a bit more aging to mellow. The bourbon was good with a definite grain taste. I left with a bottle of the bourbon.

A short walk away was The Montana Distillery. I tried 3 of their flavored vodkas, raspberry, huckleberry and vanilla/cherry. All were rather sweet. I decided to pass on any purchases here; I am not a big fan of flavored vodkas.

The next day we drove to Kalispell, this was our home base for a vacation at Glacier National Park. We went into the town of Whitehorse and checked out some shops. We stopped by the Spotted Bear Distillery. This is a relatively new distillery so the product list was short, vodka, a coffee liqueur and a gin. They have an ambitious plan to greatly expand their product line; they had just barreled their first bourbon. I sampled the vodka but did not buy anything.

The next day we stopped at Glacier Distilling in a little town called Coram. They have an impressive list of products. Deciding what to sample was tough. I tried their Wheatfish single malt, Fireweed cherry bourbon, Bad Rock cask strength rye and a huckleberry liqueur. All were good; the rye had a real kick. This distillery also has all their products in 375 ml bottles so I was able to buy 3 different products without breaking the bank. I bought the Wheatfish single malt, their North Fork rye and for my wife, the huckleberry liqueur.

I think I made a good haul and can’t wait to sample my purchases. I’m already planning next year’s vacation, a lap around the state of Washington. So far I have 16 distilleries on my list to visit.

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