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Bad Dog Distillery, Arlington

This is my review of the Bad Dog Distillery located in Arlington, Washington. They can be found at 19109 63rd Ave NE, it's not far from the Arlington airport. Upon entering, Bad Dog will greet you at the door.

Bad Dog makes a variety of spirits. My first stop was New Year's Eve, 2017. I bought a variety of their 50ml bottles to get a taste what they make. I made a return trip this past spring just to get a larger bottle of one of their products.

The first product I tried was the bourbon. I have found bourbons come in 3 levels, excellent, very good and okay. Bad Dog bourbon is in the very good category. Smooth without a bite and goes down with a slight burn. I like it with just a splash of water. On my return trip I bought a 750ml bottle and have enjoyed it. I rate it a 4.3 out of 5.

Bad Dog Whiskey is very similar to the bourbon except is has a bit more kick. It has a sweet finish and a mellow burn. My rating is 4.0 out of 5.

Bad Dog Grandpa's Wheat was a bit of a disappointment. It had a bit of a chemical undertone that reminded me of some really cheap whiskeys I drank in my youth. It's hard to rate a product on just one small sample. I give this a 2.8 out of 5.

Bad dog has an unaged white whiskey they call Grandpa's Likker. I enjoy a good white so I bought 2 small bottles on my first stop. These small bottles were excellent, smooth, nice corn overtones and a very nice burn going down. About the time I drank these I had purchased some oak finishing sticks and thought Grandpa's Likker would be a fine candidate to try the sticks. My return trip to Bad Dog was primarily for this product.

Unfortunately, the product in the 750ml bottle was nothing like the small bottles. The taste was rude and it had a nasty burn going down. Even the smell was hard on the nose. I tried an finishing stick for about 3 weeks and it did nothing to improve the taste or smell. I hate to admit it but I used this bottle of Grandpa's as tiki torch fuel. I rate the small bottle I bought last year a 4.8 out of 5. This last bottle I have to give it a 0.

Bad Dog Moonshine Apple Pie was nice, it uses Bad Dog white whiskey as it's base. It's the only time I have ever used a spirit with ice cream and it was very good this way. I wanted a couple small bottles of this on my return trip but they were out of the 50ml bottles. I rate this a 3.8 out of 5.

Other products made by Bad Dog include Grandpa's Rye, Grandpa's Rye Likker, Hot Shot cinnamon whiskey, vodka, 2 Dog whiskey, Grandpa's Likkerish (anise flavored white) and Honey Shine.

I'll be going near Bad Dog this fall so I will be making another stop. I would like to try their rye and 2 Dog whiskeys and take a taste of the Grandpa's Rye Likker.

Bad Dog is open Thursday through Sunday for a sample and to purchase any of their products. Their site also has a list of establishment that serve and sell Bad Dog spirits. I have seen their bourbon and vodka at my local Total Wine.

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