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Dry Fly Triticale, regular vs. single barrel tasting and some exciting news.

As I stated last week, I obtained a limited release version of Dry Fly Triticale Whiskey, a single barrel release done exclusively for Total Wine. The regular, at 88 proof, has a light grain and floral notes to the nose. The single barrel nose is alcohol strong due to the 119.19 proof. I could detect hints of caramel and vanilla also. A taste of the regular is smooth, hints of oak and a grassy bit. The single barrel is a kick in the butt on the first taste. The high alcohol content tends to numb your taste buds for a few seconds before the same notes as the regular start to come through. Perhaps a bit more woody. The rye part really comes through with both on the swallow, the single barrel is spicier than the regular. The single barrel also hangs around much longer. I added a bit of water to the single barrel and it really brought out flavors that can be muted by the higher proof. The spice comes through with clove and pepper. The swallow changes some the the woody notes to a floral taste. As you can see in the pictures, the single barrel on the right is darker than the regular.

As a member of Crowded Barrel Distilling's Whiskey Tribe, I entered a drawing to take part in a whiskey blending contest of sorts being done by Whistle Pig Whiskey. I was lucky and was one of the 24 selected to take part in this promotion. I am now waiting for the kit to arrive so I can pretend to be a master blender/mad scientist. This is being done through distilleries all over the US and a total of 250 people will receive the kits. Not sure what the "winners" get, I will find out when my kit arrives.

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