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Home Grown bourbon blending.

A few months ago Whiskey Wash, an online whiskey blog, did a review of Corn Trooper, a blend of 7 bourbons from around the U.S. The bourbons came from the following distilleries, High Wire, OOLA, Harffield, Kings County, Balcones, Breckenridge and New Holland Brewing. At $65 a bottle, I haven’t decided if I want to spring for a bottle.

This reminded me of something I did a few years ago, I bought eight 50 ml bottles of bourbon. All were different brands, 3 were from here is Washington, and the other 5 were national brands. My blend turned out pretty good, the few that got to sample it were impressed.

I decided to make another blend and it all would come from what I had available in my bar. I have 10 bottles of bourbon and thought if 7 is good, 10 would be great. 3 of my 10 bottles had not been opened yet so I decided to sample each to determine if they were worthy of being in my most excellent blend. The first sample was from Double V Distillery in Battle Ground, their JS Tallman bourbon, I was expecting a bit more than I received based on the price. The second sample was a bourbon blend from Trader Joes. It was overpriced at the $20 it cost and not very good. The third was a retirement gift I had yet to open and had not tried in many many years, Jim Beam. It was almost as bad as the Trader Joes bourbon. I decided the Trader Joes bourbon was not good enough and it went to the back of my bottom shelf.

Besides the 2 above, the other 7 bourbons were from Angel’s Envy, Elijah Craig, J.P. Trodden blue label, Makers Mark, Oregon Spirits Distilling, Wild Turkey 101 and Wyoming Whiskey. I added 50 ml of each to an empty bottle giving me 450 ml. A taste sampling at the time of bottling left me a little shocked, I was surprised how the flavor profiles of the Jim Beam and JS Tallman came through. Both are ethanol heavy on the nose and so was my blend. I let the bottle sit for a week before I tried some straight. The flavors had time to meld into a very nice drink. The nose still has hints of ethanol but that is followed by spicy floral hint. The first sip packed quite a punch but soon a big fruit flavor came through. Pear seemed to be the dominate flavor with a hint of sage. The finish was clean and faded at just the right pace. I think my blend has turned out rather nice, I am saving my next drink of it for New Year’s Eve.

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