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My new bar is done and other bits.

Something I started when I retired was a new bar to hold my assorted items. Turned out better than I expected, also added a nautical theme to it.

I visited Total Wine a bit ago and had a hard time making a decision on what to buy. Wanted to try something from a distillery I have yet to visit. My choices were Double V Distilling from Battle Ground or Chuckanut Distilling from Bellingham. I flipped a coin and Double V won. I picked up a bottle of their JS Tallman bourbon. The nose has an strong ethanol start with some baked bread and spice. The ethanol carries over to the taste but that gives away peppery spice. The finish reminds me the smell of wet cardboard. I give it a 3.8 out of 5. I tried some with a splash of Whidbey Distilling's excellent Blackberry liqueur. The bourbon stood up very well with this combination. At $53 a bottle with taxes, one could have a choice of a wide variety of national brands and been happier with their purchase. I haven't decided yet if this bottle will become part of my nightly dram rotation.

In other news 2 Bar Spirits is releasing a new version of their bourbon this Friday, December 18th. They posted a hint on their FB page. Based on a hint on their site, it will be an Amaretto barrel finished bourbon. Sounds interesting.

Black Ring Distilling in Port Orchard now has a single malt to go along with their other items. I was not impressed with their original bourbon offering, their rye was a good step forward, I hope they have continued to improve with their single malt. I was in the area last Monday, if I had know about the SM I would have stopped and picked up a bottle.

Woodinville whiskey if offering a great idea for the holidays, an engraved bottle of any of their products. It's $20 above their normal price for each bottle. If someone is feeling generous, I would gladly accept a bottle. Get your order in soon, you don't have much time if you want to give a bottle as a gift.

Heritage Distilling is now offering it's 1st Special Forces Group Blended Whiskey (6th Edition). A portion of each sale helps support three 1st Special Forces Group Charities. It's available at any of their tasting rooms.

And for a deal that can't be beat, Blackfish Distilling is now offering up to 40% off each of their products. This is the same deal they made for their Black Friday sale. Glad they are close by, time to stop by for a bottle.

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