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New whiskeys available!!!

Malted barley, used to make some mighty fine spirits.

A quick update. Things have been hectic with my job at the big airplane company.

Woodinville Whiskey is celebrating their 10th anniversary on February 9th. Visit their site here for more information and to sign up.

Westland Distillery has released a single malt whiskey called Peat Week. It will be available on January 25th. Visit the Westland site for more info.

You can now purchase Tommy Bahama branded spirits. These are made by Blue Spirits in Leavenworth. The current selections are a rum, gin, cucumber vodka, mango vodka, a Rhum Cask Rye Barrel Select and a Bourbon Barrel Select. Other that a few dollars more for the Tommy Bahama name, they appear to be the same spirits they sell under their name. All are available at Total Wine.

Oola has some new items in their experimental whiskey series. I had a chance to sample the Whiskey Discourse C last night, very nice. Finished in a Cabernet Sauvignon cask, it is smooth with a hint of the wine. I give it a 4.6 out of 5. They also have a Smoked Whiskey (think American made Scotch) and Three Shores World Whiskey (a blend of American, Canadian, and Scotch whiskeys). They also had a Three Shores finished in a Cabernet barrel, the distillery is sold out, it may be available at liquor stores.

Solar Spirits recently released a new American Single Malt. Aged 2 years in oak then finished in Cherry Brandy barrels. Sounds very interesting. Heading to Total Wine today, I might just bring a bottle home.

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