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October 3rd update. My birthday too.

Enjoyed my last day at Boeing after 40 years. Time to enjoy retirement. Celebrated the day with 3 drinks. The first was Redbreast 12 Irish Whisky. Did this as an honor to Ryanair, an Irish low cost airline. I helped build a lot of their 737’s. Next was some Angel’s Envy Bourbon. Of the many ratings of bourbons, Angel’s Envy is the best of many. The 737 has been considered the best single aisle airplane for many years. Last was Copperworks Single Malt Barrel Select. I got bottle number 26 from cask number 26. Boeing was considered a great place to work in the Seattle area, I celebrated with a great whiskey made in the Seattle area. I will have reviews for each in my next update.

In other news, The Chehalis Tribe announced they have opened a new distillery making whiskey, vodka and gin. The Talking Cedar brew pub and distillery will located just off I-5 between Olympia and Chehalis off exit 88. They will be operating with assistance from Heritage Distilling.

Also from the Olympia area, our friends from Shoebox Distillery are now making Olympia Artesian Vodka. It is made with the same water used to make Olympia Beer for many years. This vodka has already won awards. It’s available at Total Wine stores and many other outlets.

In my last update I mentioned that Highside Distillery was in the running for the best craft distillery in the U.S. The results were released and Highside finished 4th and Letterpress Distilling of Seattle finished 5th. Washington was the only state with 2 distilleries in the top 10. Congratulations to both Highside and Letterpress!

Whidbey Island Distillery was featured in an episode of Truth In Food, a webzine of how foods are made. Whidbey’s process for producing their delicious liqueurs and spirits. Check it out at this link.

Blue Spirits in Leavenworth is ready for the upcoming season with a new covered outdoor seating. They are right on Highway 2 in Leavenworth.

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