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Ratings for rye whiskeys, update to the locator and my 2019 advent calendar.

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

One of my top rated rye whiskeys.

Next up are my rating on Washington made Rye Whiskeys. I have really become a fan of rye spirits the last couple years. Rye has a bold profile without the sweetness of bourbon. I have not found any ryes that would be considered bad but there is a wide difference between the very good and okay stuff.

I rate 3 as excellent in this category. 2 are fully distilled in Washington and one is a blend of Washington and out of state rye. The two Washington ryes are Fremont Mischief’s John Jacob Rey and Woodinville Distillery’s 100% Rye Whiskey. Both set a high standard and are very smooth. The third on this list is Cadee’s Cascadia Rye Whiskey. It is a blended rye that is aged in port barrels. This creates a smooth taste with just a slight hint of the port. There is also one more that gets an honorable mention in this category. While in Montana last year I visited Glacier Distillery in Coram. It is near Glacier National Park. They have a wonderful selection of spirits and one of their best is North Fork Rye Whiskey. It is truly one of the best ryes I have ever tasted. This item alone makes me want to visit Montana a lot more.

Next on the list are the very good ryes. These are not quite a smooth as those above but are still very drinkable. In no particular order, these ryes are Skip Rock Rye Whiskey, 3 Howls Rye, 2nd Street Reser’s Rye, Blackfish Dock Brewer’s Rye, Fremont Mischief Rye and Whidbey Island Bunker Rye. While visiting Whidbey Island Distillery, I was also offered a sample of their rye with a dash of their excellent raspberry liqueur. What a heavenly combo that was, that is why I left there with a bottle of each.

The third group are the okay ryes. I felt both could use a bit more filtering and aging to take them to the next level but on their own are still drinkable. These are Blue Spirits Rye and Black Ring Rye Whiskey.

I have also made a couple updates to the distillery locator. Evil Roy’s in Sequim has shuttered its doors. I have a bottle of their Rumkin in my liquor cabinet, I’m going to use it to make a pumpkin tinged hot buttered rum. And not really a distillery, but an addition is OD Beverages in Tacoma. They produce a line of liqueurs and honey flavored shines. They are located across the street from the high school I attended, Franklin Pierce.

Last year I made a small quantity of advent calendars using 50ml bottles of spirits. This year I am going to make a list of 24 cocktails using the products in my liquor cabinet. I am working on my list now and will post a list of the recipes before December and add each recipe daily throughout the month. Many will be modified a bit to fit with some dietary restrictions I have. I will also show the recipe without my changes. I’m looking forward to trying some of these.

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