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Time for some long awaited updates.

Been busier than I thought now that I am retired. Just about done with some bathroom remodels.

Heritage Distilling now has their popular BSB bourbons on sale, 40% off. This is a great price for those that like BSB or know someone that would like a bottle under the tree. Check it out here. Hurry, this offer expires on December 21st.

Due to Covid19, more distilleries are now offering shipping on their products. Blue Spirits in Leavenworth is now offering this service. There is more info at their site. Check the websites of your favorite distilleries to see if they are also offering shipping on their products. Find the website at my Washington Distillery Locator.

Bruichladdich, the makers of Classic Laddie, one of my favorite Scotches, has a contest to win a custom made bar. Enter the contest here. This would look nice in my bar.

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