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Washington whiskies, a smorgasbord for your choosing.

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

Need a bigger liquor cabinet.

My ratings for the straight whiskies of Washington are in two categories, single malts and everything else. Not every distillery makes a single malt so the sampling of this whisky is rather small. My favorite so far is 2 Loon Single Malt Whiskey. Like most 2 Loons products, it is obvious great care was taken when it was made. A step below is 2nd Street Distilling’s RJ Callaghan Single malt. It has a bit of a bite. Last on this list is Black Ring Single Malt whiskey. My sample was small and it was their first bottling. It sells out fast when produced, I would like to try a larger sample before I give it a final grade.

Next are the other types of spirits know as whiskey. These range from straight whiskies, white whiskies and a few other styles. My taster say 4 are at the top of this list. Sandstone Stone Carver Barrel Aged Whiskey is my favorite. Just a tick below is Westland American Oak Whiskey. Then Dry Fly Cask Strength wheat whiskey and a very delightful white, 2 Loons Corn whiskey.

The next grouping is large and varied. 3 of these are no longer made but can be found at some Total Wine stores. Mt. Baker Distilling’s straight whiskey was nice and Whiskey Gap’s Red Handed and Fields of Gold whiskies are good. I have a bottle of each, due to limited availability, all are being savored to make them last. The rest from this group would make a good addition to any bar. They are Dry Fly Port Finished Wheat, Seattle Distilling Idle Hour, Walla Walla Whiskey, Dry Fly Wheat, Bad Dog whiskey, Fremont Mischief whiskey, 2 Loons White and Blackfish white.

The next category and 2 products that are here for different reasons. Dry Fly’s O’Danaghers Caledonian Whiskey is a Scotch style whiskey, it was a little heavy of the peat for my taste. And Bad Dog’s Grandpa’s Wheat was a bit on the harsh side.

The two at the bottom are also here for different reasons. I just didn’t care for 3 Howls Hop flavored whiskey, it had a bitter taste I didn’t like. Bad Dog’s Grandpa’s Likker is a mystery. The first time I tried it was from two 50ml bottles, both were very good. I then bought a large bottle and found it totally undrinkable. Someone made the cut between the head and heart draw of that batch way too soon.

I have also signed up for a number of notifications from distilleries and will share these in my blog. Westland Distillery is offering a holiday cocktail class on December 4th. Tickets are available on their website.

Blackfish Distillery has everything at 20% off through November 30th. Going to stop by today to pick up a couple items.

Whidbey Island Distillery has a new release, Double-Oak aged Bunker Rye. It is rye that has been aged with oak used for their Oak-aged Loganberry liqueur. I might have to make at trip to Whidbey.

The Hardware Distillery has a new Sugar Nut Sprit. They also have their products in gnome bottles (very cool looking) and Christmas tree shaped bottles.

See my Distillery Locator to find these and other distilleries.

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