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Whiskeys from closed distilleries.

Wishkah River 13 Corners Whiskey

Got a bonus on a paycheck and decided to add to the liquor cabinet. Total Wine still has some products on the shelves from now closed distilleries. Picked up a bottle of 13 Corners Whiskey from Wishkah Distillery. I had stopped by the distillery last July to find it had closed. The whiskey itself is pretty good, it starts with an strong oak taste, fades into an anise and vanilla tone then finishes with the strong oak again. I give it a 4.4 out of 5.

Fields of Gold from Whiskey Gap Distillery.

My other bottle is Fields of Gold from Whiskey Gap Distillery. I had stopped in Ritzville back in September of 2018 only to find a closed sign at the distillery. I was able to sample the spirits of Whiskey Gap at a local restaurant. Fields of Gold is a young malted barley and triticale blend, it is aged for only 3 months. It starts with a strong grain taste. It then has a slight corn flavor with a hint of rye. The rye carries into the finish along with a pop of a multi grain granola bar. A bit more time in the cask would have added some more complex notes and given the whiskey a creamier texture. I give it a 4.2 out of 5.

Both whiskeys are still available a many Total Wine stores. They also have some stock on the shelf from a couple other now closed distilleries I would like to add to my liquor cabinet.

New lids for my Glencairn glasses.

Picked up a couple additions for my Glencairn glasses. According to the website selling them, pour your favorite whisky, put the lid on the top of the glass, wait at least 15 minutes, and you will be able to have a unique experience with both aroma and flavor! I tried it with some Cadee Cascadia Rye tonight and I believe it did make a difference. Plus my wife thinks they are cute.

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