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Whistlepig Blending, the results.

During a live streaming event from Whistlepig Distillery hosted by Flavier, the 3 choices from the head distiller from Whistlepig were revealed. Being that Whistlepig products are mostly rye, it wasn’t a surprise that the 3 choices were all rye heavy.

Choice number 1 was a blend of 75% rye, 15% wheat and 10% barley. The sample I blended was rye forward with the heat of rye along with some herbs and dark bread. As I did with all the blends I made, I sampled about half of the blend straight then added a bit of water. The addition of the water brought out some of the sweetness of the wheat. None of my blends were close to this blend.

Choice 2 was a blend of 60% rye, 35% wheat and 5% barley. The higher wheat percentage added some sweetness to the blend along with the earthy notes of the rye. The smoothness of the barley was non-existent. I think the wheat helped the finish, it lasted a bit longer with a slight warming. Just like the previous blend, a splash of water brought out the wheat and even the barley.

Choice 3 was the closest to any of my blends. This one was 45% rye, 30% wheat and 25% barley. The higher percentage of barley really helped mellow out this blend and helped enhance some of the other grains flavors. There was a slight cherry candy from the wheat and the bready notes from the rye also came through. The finish was a bit short due to the barley, it had a tendency to dry out the finish. The water helped bring out some of the background flavors giving the sample a sweet earthy note.

A few days later it was announced that choice 3 was the winning blend from those that got to vote. I figured this would be the winner when I voted as it was a blend that would appeal to the most people. Whistlepig has not announced when the crowd source whiskey will be released. Unless it is sold with a discount to those of us that participated in the blending event, I doubt I will purchase this blend. But on the plus side, I still have 3 bottles of the blending whiskeys, a glass and a neat box that I have no idea what I am going to do with.

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